Monday, December 10, 2012

Wattpad Launching Author Books Through Self Publishing?

Can Wattpad Launch Self-Published Authors?

Still doing my research on Wattpad. The reports say this is a big underground hit - way below the mainstream, but key to new authors (and older ones) to get feedback and critique on their stories. But it also launches some publishing deals...
  1. The Ghostly School Trip is a #book I wrote. You can find that #book on or My #username on #wattpad is AnninaBooks. Please become a #fan of me on #wattpad.
  2. Here's a great write-up which tells some of the core activities needed, and provided, by Wattpad for authors:
  3. And this Twitter-verse Q&A:
  4. Bookvertise
    @Bookvertise would like to know how many @wattpadauthors have gone on to self publish there book? Please provide a link in replys :)
  5. MnkOzy
    @Bookvertise @wattpad Go wattpad authors !The ones i know of who have gone onto self , Natasha Preston ,Sharlay
  6. If this next author's books are anything like her blog posting, we've got a real barn-burner on our hands with her books...
  7. Some author interviews - is there a theme which runs through these about how to have success in self-publishing?
  8. Wattpad Writer Interviews
  9. Just to bring you a success story you can get your teeth into, here's a fair bit of pocket change from getting a single book up as self-published. Proves the point that you can start from somewhere, so it might as well be where you are right now.
  10. And what could anyone do with 13 million readers? That alone is a reason to get your stuff up on Wattpad...
  11. Celebrations are in order - "The Kissing Booth" premiered on Wattpad and is now an ebook and paperback. Cheers!
  12. Reekles
    Hey guys! So I have some majorly exciting news and it's also VERY IMPORTANT! I've been holding back this information for ages, and it's been practically torture for me not to be able to tell you all, but here it is: I'M GETTING PUBLISHED! And by that, I mean, I am going to be a published author. The Kissing Booth is coming out as an e-book next Thursday (Dec. 13th) and then it will be out in paperback in a few months - I'll let you know about that when I know more. Now, this does mean that I'll be removing the vast majority of TKB from Wattpad (it's really quite sad, but it has to be done!). Also, I will promise you now that the version being published is not quite the same as the version you've read here on Wattpad. Of course, the basic storyline is the same, but I've tidied it up a lot more and there are some new and very different scenes, and some bits have been cut entirely. The e-book is out next Thursday (Kindle, iBooks, Nook, etc.) and this is hugely exciting news! I'll be keeping you all in the know about everything that's going on, because I will be publishing more books soon so this might mean I'm not on Wattpad very much writing, for which I do apologise, but I want to thank you all. I'm don't think this could've happened without you all, and I'm so unbelievably grateful for all of your support. So, check out my book (it's published under Beth Reekles) and keep an eye out for more news! x
  13. Just to give you a tool to use in order to get your writing bug turned into something valuable for everyone - these 2 classic books in one volume can possibly change your life. No kidding. It's how much you can contact that flow and ability within you - and do so routinely. Your choice, as usual. (Yes, shameful self-promotion can keep me posting this blog and off the factory/warehouse floors...)

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