Friday, January 25, 2013

Book III Outline - "How to Sell a Book Online"

(Just to make a note of things. Yes, I also have some outlines for Book I and II, but this came together today, so I thought to make a record of it. Feel free to ask me questions about this or comment something I may be missing. 

As I was just looking this over, I see that some of this is going to show up in Book II (How to Publish Your [Kindle] Book) - and Keyword Research actually precedes Book I (How to Write Your Book)

And yes, I'll be looking for beta-editors when I get back to this - still have to get Book I and II done. Plus I have to test several of these steps out...)

0. Why you should get this book & What you can get out of it
- You've got a book in you - it's time to give it life and let it live.
- Conventional Wisdom keeps you working at your J.O.B.
- Mark Coker's Revolutionary Itch-Scratching
- The 50 Shades of Shift - Publisher's Paradigm Problem

I. Marketing Basics
1. Know where your market is and what they are looking for.
Keyword search on Google (free-info-seekers)
Market Samurai
Amazon - actual buyers
List of top keywords (link)

II. The Amazon Eco-System
2. Craft your book so it can grow and flourish in the Amazon Jungle
Amazon Author Central
repeat for all foreign sites
Other meta data options (optional)
External Reviews
Inside/Back cover
Author data
Shelfari additional
Reviews (priming the pump)
3. Use someone else's platform for incoming links
Pro reviewers
Book bloggers

III. The Rest of the Known Universe (thar be dragons...)
4. Post to all possible other sites via aggregators
hardcopy versions to Amazon
Contact to combine versions
Extra to post to Bowker
Google Books

IV. Initiating Discovery Outlets
5. Build your book a page on your site
Link to all book outlets
Paypal for direct download of epub and PDF
Opt-in Form to Mail List
6. Goodreads
Author page
All books added to their data base (watch out for covers)
Other Goodreads Features
7. Synnd for social signals
8. YouTube for book trailers
Add to Shelfari
Add to Goodreads
Embed on book pages
Synnd promotion
9. Now you can build your "platform" - when you're too tired to write...

VI. Simple recipes to follow
Book Creation checklist
Book Publishing checklist
Book Discovery checklist

VII. Resources (Links)
Video's & Extras

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