Thursday, January 31, 2013

Closing Chapter just arrived...

Chapter 5 – Your Book

As I mentioned in the beginning, there is probably a book in you, working to get out.
Most of us have a story there. One report has this at 70% - which would include you.
What I haven't covered up to this point is why you need to let that book out, why you need to give it life.
And this all goes into a ton of studies that you probably don't have time for.
The bottom line is that people appear to improve their own lives by comparing their story with others. And that is how we learn, how we improve, how we define who we are and what our progress has been.
It's not really in these things we have around us, all these cars and clothes and buildings and – stuff.
It's who we really are right there inside of us all. In our heart.
For all our differences, we have that one live spark within. And that spark has no height, weight, color, or shape.
But it has a life.
It's an idea. The one which motivates us to do great things, or just suffer through all of life's indignities in order that our children or their children could have a better life than we have.
It's the sum of all man's highest and deepest adventures exploring this planet.
It's in the eyes of every mother or father who sees their newborn – or any newborn brought into this world.
For that that spark is in them, too. They each are born with an idea, a story.
And their story is formed by watching the stories which go on around them, for their whole life.
Some of us are lucky enough to be able to hear stories around us and re-tell them with our own “improvements” as to plot, character, setting. This is called “gifted” by some, and personally it may seem a curse at times.
But that is the writer's story. The storyteller's story.
Your story may be singular instead of plural. There might only be one.
And it might not be a long one. It could be a single word.
But more than likely, it's not a blank sheet.
Imagine, for just a bit, that you were able to sit and talk with an old, best friend. Nothing to do that day. Just sit and talk about whatever came up.
And this friend was really interested in just what you had to say that day. He or she was just there to listen.
So you began talking. And in those words, you told all of your hopes and dreams and aspirations. You told of your pains, your sorrows, your darkest times that had been endured.
And as you talked, the weight of this world came off your shoulders. Your heart began to lighten. The day began to take on a rosy glow – because you told your story and someone listened.
- - - -
In these days, with all this electronic tomfoolery we have around us, we have a chance now – maybe for the first and last time – to just simply tell our story and send it out for someone to hear, someone who cares enough to simply listen. And learn.
We all aren't here to make tons of money by writing alone. We all aren't here to just pay money through our nose for all the gim-cracks and frilly excesses which others want us to buy so they can get rich.
There are as many reasons for “being here” as there are individuals on this planet.
And those reasons – each and individually – are stories.
None of these are more interesting than any other, none duller.
Each is a masterwork on it's own. Even if it's only a few thousand words, a few hundred, or just a short sentence – even a single word.
I'm just asking you at this point, like a friend, to go ahead and write that story. Publish it. Send it out to the world so someone else could read it or hear it or see it for themselves.
Because someone out there needs to read or hear or see that story and learn from it.
And that is why I wrote this particular story for you.

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