Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New release: How to Earn Extra Income Through Your SOHO Publishing Business

Publish. Profit. Independence.

Publish. Profit. Independence. How to Earn Extra Income and Financial Freedom by Publishing on Your Own.
Find independence and financial freedom from one of the simplest home businesses you can start from scratch - or less... Learn Tips and Tricks to make self-publishing pay well.

I fell into this by accident. There I was writing away, only to find that I made more money publishing other people's stuff than I did with my own.

 This journey led me into working out the details and shortcuts which made it all simple. Meanwhile, I started making enough income to cover all my bills. Surprise, surprise. 

I had stumbled into financial freedom by publishing from home.

Since I just write how-to manuals (beyond my attempts at novels) you get the benefits in this:
  • How publishing books help you earn recurring income from work you do just once.
  • Simple ways to have the freedom you never get from working for someone else.
  • Find peace of mind by becoming your own boss.
  • Discover the joy of only working with bestselling authors - who are now working for you.
  • Literally make money while you sleep in countries you've never visited - from people you've never met before.
  • Meanwhile, your life is your own.
  • Earn more income by building a larger audience.
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Trade paperback (6"x9", 442 pages) available on Lulu and soon on Amazon and all brick-and-mortar bookstores:
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