Sunday, May 31, 2015

When Your Case Study Becomes the Next Case Study (11)

When your Book Selling Case Study Becomes Your Video and Podcast Case Study (11)

This could have happened to you - or maybe not.

The scene was this: I was listening to some podcasts while working (as radio these days is nearly as bad as the TV news) and got inspired to use this fancy mic I had gotten a few months back.

It would be a nice test (I told myself) as you've got all these programs and it would be a good thing to do what you've been telling others all along - you know, publish to multiple eyeballs in as many formats as possible...

So I "ate my own dogfood" - I did what I thought was a good blog post about what I'd just done the night before in publishing.

Then I read this over, just the way I'd tell someone the same data - well, maybe a bit more interesting than that. Recorded it, and edited in Audacity on a MAC. (Could have done that on my Linux box as well - or Windows, if I was into self-torture.)

I uploaded that to, then took that file location and set it into Blogger as an enclosure link. Voila! I was podcasting.

Went back to the blog post and embedded the audio on the page.

Then, I worked up a presentation, based on the outline of what I was saying. Did this in LibreOffice Impress. Exported each frame as a jpeg file.

These images and the audio were combined in a video editor (OpenShot - on Linux) and created a video file for YouTube.

But it was a bit dry, so I looked up some PLR bumper music on my hard drives and added this to the sound-track.

Produced the video again, and uploaded it to YouTube. Then embedded it onto the original page - below the podcast file.

Finally, I added the presentation to the bottom of the page, where it could be downloaded.

Where this could be improved

It took most of the day, with interruptions. Most of the time spent was in finding everything the first time. Knowing how to use Audacity and a video editor made it faster.

Still, it took at least as long to edit the audio into shape as it took to record it. (Peacock in the background - see if you can hear it...)

The presentation took some time, although I didn't even try to create the whole transcript (original blog post) as a presentation. This would have been way too many images to set up - so building one based on a simple outline makes the video possible.  I'll probably keep doing this on future videos as a time saver.

What I still need to do is to scrape that original blog post and make a simple PDF of it (with links - through LibreOffice) and post that as well to

I'll use the same bumper music - to brand these - so that will be faster on the podcast.

If I podcast all the blog posts from here on out, then I'll be able to burn an RSS feed via Feedburner and post this to Itunes.

This, of course, makes your book discovery more possible. (A future blog post will happen on this.)

The assembly-line sequence for your multi-media production

  1. Blog it like you'd talk to someone you know and respect.
  2. Podcast this. (Edit goofs, add bumper theme intro and outro.)
  3. Scrape and create the PDF of this blog post.
  4. Create a presentation of the outline.
  5. Turn the presentation into images (jpeg's.)
  6. Combine the audio and images into a video.
  7. Post the podcast to your hosting service. Add the link as an enclosure.
  8. Embed the podcast.
  9. Post the video. Embed the video.
  10. Post the PDF's. Embed the PDF's.
  11. Review and make your blog post live.
  12. Rinse, repeat.

This should just takes an hour or so, once you have all the tools in place.

Why do all this work?

As I've covered before - it's a point of Search Engine Marketing. Now I have backlinks from YouTube, Slideshare, and coming directly to that blog post. As well, I've got peripheral links out to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Some got hit a couple of times.

This means I have some rudimentary social linking happening. And I have some of the biggest sites now saying that my little blog is important to them. All good.

While I can cut out the video to save some time (still posting the podcast and PDF's) - that wouldn't be the smartest move, as videos tend to convert more than just blog posts or audio only.

The point is to set up a Gary Vaynerchuk scene, as there's a lot to say on this subject. All that would enable people discovering my books that much easier.

Believe me, I see that there is still a lot to learn in this area. For a first try, that wasn't bad (IMHO.)

It's all downhill from here.

PDF download:

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