Wednesday, November 25, 2015

6 Simple Steps That Guarantee Your Publishing Success

6 Simple Steps That Guarantee Your Publishing Success

Hello again,
I actually had a rant ready to spring on you, but decided against it. This is the holidays after all. And it goes against my grain to simply diss someone for acting stupid and selfishly.
So, we’ll leave that for another day.
I did find a great nugget for you. Unfortunately, I don’t have a transcript.
But you’ll want to hear this anyway. Joe Pilizzi of Content Marketing Institute was on Chris Ducker’s show at They are discussing his new book and lay out the 6 steps all the multi-million-dollar companies have been using to achieve their success.
Because if you want to be successful, you need to find what the successful people are doing.
That’s why I spent a solid week analyzing Steve Scott’s six-figure success and several days working on Mark Dawson and the half-million he’s pulling in – both are doing nothing but books, building on the sands of Amazon. Well, not entirely – and Joe’s 6 steps tell more about how these authors made their success. They both used the same 6 steps, although they actually did go through them in less than a year before they were able to branch out into other things.
I’m getting ahead of myself here.
Have a listen, and I’ll meet you on the other side…
– – – –
Always like listening to Joe. He comes highly recommended from Bruce Clark, so I try to catch Joe’s weekly “This Old Marketing” podcast when I can. Always interesting.
Our approach is to apply content marketing to book publishing – which is the business we are in, after all.
What’s the takeaway from this?
0. Follow your bliss and get into a very narrow niche with fits with your particular expertise. Double-down, as Scott found.
1. Get your list started today. Now is the second best time to start, best would have been 6 months ago.
2. Get your own site, whether it’s blog or podcast or whatever. Have a place you can build on which isn’t someone else’s. You have to be prepared for changes like Facebook has made, or Amazon nuking all your books (I just read about it again today.)
3. Get regular content out consistently and have your list popularize it on Amazon. Yes, that can be your own books, which is what both Scott and Dawson did.
4. Keep doing this consistently. Keep showing up consistently.
5. Then monetize by diversifying. Dawson started his FB ads course. Scott started a podcast and focused more on his site.
It’s just that simple. Six steps.
And that’s how we’ll leave it with you.
Here’s wishing you a great Thanksgiving and holiday season.
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  1. Bought your book, How to Self-Publish on Google Play a couple of days ago only to discover that Google Play is not taking on new 'partners' and hasn't been for around six months. Disappointing! (Though not your fault....LOL)