Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Only Change Remains Constant - OOps

Thanks for all your patience during these last few years.

[Update: Well, that didn't work. The RSS feed is back as it always has been. All I learned from that is such a move is a great way to drive off subscribers. The feed I sent them to didn't contain all the episodes at all. So, for now, everything's back to where it was. We'll see...]

You've seen this blog change and evolve as it explored all the factors in getting a book published. Practically, this is probably the most nuts-and-bolts blog about self-publishing out there.

Because this is my journey as I lived this stuff. If I had a question, I'd look it up and then share what I found with you. Of course, as the distributors and aggregators changed, so did I. And you heard about it.

This blog has been published into at least a couple of books as well.

Having a podcast was the most recent change, and that brought even more listeners.

It is, however, time to move on.

The podcast is now available at

This is because I've been hosting that feed there ever since went all petulant and automatically shut down my account because I put some affiliate links in the description. My bad. Their loss.

Anyway, is supported by the Rainmaker Platform, which is a nice SaaS solution that I'm paying for anyway. I've been duplicating the most recent content from here over there anyway.

Today, I moved the podcast feed over there. It's seamless to anyone who is only subscribing through their podcaster. They won't even see this post.

But podcasting is best done when you have something to talk about. If there's no passion in it, then it's just another J.O.B. So I cut back trying to find something to talk about every week and simply post when I have something to say. This is along the lines of how this blog started, anyway.

I'm quite busy publishing otherwise, and will at sometime describe the whole post-mortem when I get to some point where I can go all retrospective and take a backward glance.

This blog and all the old posts are going to remain here for people to get the data. I'll probably even copy blog posts over to here just to keep the archives updated. Podcasts won't be part of it.

As usual, you can get on my mailing list and talk with me via email, anytime you want.

And do go over to and see how things are shaping up. I'll keep you posted here as I can, but the action is over there.

Thanks again.


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