Sunday, December 9, 2012

Can You Get Promotion as a Local Self-Published Author?

Local Authors Get the Limelight: Self-Published?

Getting a local author book promoted is probably easier with self-publishing. With Lulu and Create Space to get your hardcopy versions out (how do you autograph an ebook?!?) - you can quickly turn on the promotion spigot...
  1. 2012 Central Author Mike Draper 9
  2. The great point about this is a great way for a person to write and publish about a subject near and dear to them, and help people with the knowledge and expertise they've accumulated. Talk about making a hobby pay for itself...
  3. 'Exercise Addict' Writes Book
  4. RT @christine_buell: Local Vietnamese-American author Andrew Lam speaking to #shcirish Asian American lit students.
  5. This brings up a great point - why not buy local as well? Our town lost it's only bookstore years ago (not counting used books...) 
  6. The Business of Books
    Tell us: What was your favorite book of 2012? Why not spread the word & support that author by buying several copies for everyone on your list (at your local bookstore, of course)? Bonus: Shopping done in a snap!
  7. Some great twitter-flicks:
  8. @SpireTweet Lifelong #spireite & local author @radders57 signing copies of his book Hiding with the Holigans #hwth
  9. RT @EdinBookshop: The gliz n glamour of author world, local author @drgavinfrancis comes in from rain to sign copies of Empire Antartica!
  10. Here's a blatant promotional pitch - but the reason I do this is to show you how it's possible and as well bring you the tools you need to publish your own as a local author.
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