Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Odd Fascination with Literary Agents by Self-Publishing Authors

Self-Publishers Need a Book Agent? Really?

What is it exactly that "literary agents" do again? Oh, they take a percentage of your income to make sure you are represented by book publishers. Come again?
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  2. I liked this excerpt from the following post: "One topic that did come up and raised some eyebrows from both panelists and moderator, as well as the audience, was the current practice by some literary agents of taking fifteen percent commission on everything the author does related to publishing, whether they were instrumental in the deal or not. Penn brought this up, referring specifically to agents who represent a traditionally published author, yet who demand fifteen percent on any self-published projects the author pursues; this can also translate into a commission on the fees earned from speaking engagements that the author set up, participating in an anthology apart from the agent, and more."
  3. Some people do have agents - and seemingly have a need for them:
  4. valswilliams
    So within the next two weeks I will have my own literary agent who will be promoting my book over the course of next year!
  5. DrugWarAnalyst
    It's official: I've started work on my second book! Only sample chapters, still in the proposal stage so my agent can hunt for book deal :).
  6. However, there are differing views on this:
  7. kayaoakes
    When I mention to friends I'm pitching a new book to my agent they go (side eye) "is that really a good idea?" and back away slowly.
  8. JebdeLimboman
    This is the book that inspired my lit agent to fake her own death. HACK, on sale now at B&N -
  9. On the other hand, many authors are letting their agents and contracts simply slide to the side:
  10. Enter wattpad - where readers can have a view of any writer's work, and a say in how it's progressing. Now we can have a "mob-authored" (or at least a "reader-assisted") book publishing. Just the way I need to do my own next book.
  11. Here's where an already-established literary star got onto Wattpad in order to write a very dark work (unlike her other bestsellers completely) which she figured she'd never be able to sell through her existing publishing house.
  12. ...and if you do want to learn to write quality fiction - may I suggest my newest ebook (self-promotional drum-roll please):
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