Monday, December 24, 2012

How Indie Authors Find (More) Readers: Goodreads

Goodreads: Probably the best place for Indie Authors to mingle and find new readers

Of all the social sites which service the reading public, none seems more potent than Goodreads to do an author good. It's not without it's tricks, such as the "backward marketing" one has to do in order to not spam anyone. However, there are more how-to's on Goodreads for authors than any other...

  1. New employees at Goodreads
  2. Lauren DeStefano discusses the perils of Goodreads
  3. A couple of overviews on this scene - readers, authors, etc:
  4. As mentioned, there are a lot of articles which tell writers to do this one social site if you do no others.
  5. This particular series was recommend in a link from another site. And gives you the lowdown on just what and how to proceed as an author (I'm printing these off for later reference.)
  6. These two pages from Goodreads tell the author how to go about being part of the scene. Well laid out and useful. Too bad other sites don't go to this length to help an author fit in...
  7. Note here that there is a little-promoted place where you can upload your prose for people to review - just like (and perhaps even better than)  Wattpad.
    - - - -
  8. The tips continue...
  9. GoodReads Tutorial - How To Setup Your GoodReads Account ...
  10. BTW - there's an Android web app that helps you keep up on your reading...
  11. And let's bring in the big-shots to tell you how and why a site like this is important.
  12. The Twitter-gnosti render verdict:
  13. Kneee
    No matter how much I adore Twitter, Goodreads will forever be my favorite social media site. #NerdAtHeart
  14. ShazSpeare
    #Wait4Teuk Dec24 D-582 “Listen to your inner self, it knows you best.” (
  15. FilipSablik
    Heh. Hipster flowchart from Goodreads. Clever and funny.
  16. jimsgraham
    Which nation will claim the the first Earth-similar planet? Or will it be a company? #scifi
  17. And perhaps my ubiquitous promotion can help you write your Goodreads prose better...
  18. (Also available in paperback.)

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