Monday, December 24, 2012

Social Media and Promoting Your Indie Book - How To's

How to Tweet Your Booksales Up, or Like or Plus them there.

Social Media is touted by many as the way Indie Authors can get fast recognition and booksales. They're part-right, only. Social media is just tool out of your tool box - and we are in a the middle of the car race, having to fix your engine without slowing down. So hang on...

  1. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Forums, all that stuff  is good to build your personal brand and so, an audience which adores your writing and will buy anything and everything you write and publish. (We're leaving YouTube out of the mix for now - it's a broader subject in a different direction altogether.)
  2. This one is an overview. Consider it with other sources. He does know about financing things, but doesn't know about selling books on Amazon.
  3. Here's the 80/20 rule for you (which I violate all the time with my researching.) 20% of your day for writing, 80% of your day for marketing. From what I've seen, this seems an accurate line in the sand. Figure out when you are most inspired, and write then - otherwise, network away...
  4. A few key posts on using Twitter, which seems a ubiquitous part of book marketing via social media. (As much as I distrust anyone who quotes numbers as GRQ, that article seems to pan out. Caveat Emptor.)
  5. Creating Fan Pages: The rising war of FB vs. Google+ fan pages. I prefer Google, FWIW.
  6. How to create a Google plus fan page
  7.  Building audiences I've curated about before - and this is a key reference which is applicable.
  8. And some classic work from venerable Lulu and Taleist:
  9. More overall references on your marketing, which add well to what we've already covered.
  10. And some promo from the Twitterverse.
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