Friday, December 14, 2012

How to Blog Your Book - or How to Self-Publish Your Book and Blog It.

How and Why to Blog First, Then Self-Publish Your Book

Quite simple, really: you are already (or should be) blogging as a natural extension of your writing (at least posting to Wattpad...) So why not simply take your posts and publish them as a book? Some controversy here...

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  2. Key point is that it's a situation of being independent from structure and support. 
    If you are a blogger, you should be publishing your content as books. 

    If you are an author, you should be posting your excerpts (ready or not) on a blog. 

    Reason: you are already producing that content - why not leverage it for all it's worth?

    The rub is in how to take that blog and convert it over to a book. Not as easy as blogging. And not for the "faint at heart". (Your other option might be being published posthumously - and that does everyone a lot of good, doesn't it?)

    Consider these pro's and con's of blog-to-book publishing:
  3. LaTtEX
    @ariesb @andrewartajos Books are so 20th century :p But the easiest way to make a book is to blog over a few years then publish as a book
    @izs "Treat yourself as a writer and approach each commit as a chapter in a book. Writers don’t publish first drafts."
  5. There are some commercial interests in this area: 
  6. Blog to Book - get your articles published as a book
  7. Blog Book: How to Make a Blog Book Using Blurb
  8. And then these next 2 give the actual how-to's (some steps, anyway) if you've actually started figuring that this is a route you should be taking: 
  9. And then you need some examples of where people have gone and done this already:
  10. Of course, it helps if you can find some like-minded communities for that "attaboy" support we can all appreciated: 
  11. Maggie Jaimeson
    I'm participating in a blog meme (also known as a chain blog) called The Next Big Thing. It is where published authors select other publish authors they believe are poised to be more and ask them to talk about their NEXT book. Not anything currently published. Check out my surprise about handing in a YA Fantasy and please check out the authors who came before me and who I'm tagging. It's lots of fun!maggiemeandering.blogspot.c...
  12. And here's a interview of how to use books for promotion as you self-publish the book: 

    "MJ: You also blog considerably.

    "Worstell: I have blogs for every book in the series. Just type in the name on Blogger and you’ll get there. I wrote the blogs so that people could find out about the books and help write them – add in their own stories or correct anything they feel is in error. These blogs are a great way to read the book before buying a copy. They are also downloadable from Lulu."

  13. The point is that blogs, as social media, can be used as a way to promote a work-in-progress - while you simply keep cranking out content meanwhile. 
    This doesn't cover being able to use the blog as a way to finance your writing - it's own scene. But there's that capacity. 
    I hope to do some more research into Wattpad and Goodreads to see what tie-in's are available. (A later post, for sure.)

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