Friday, December 21, 2012

How to Best Profit from your KDP Select investment...

Promoting your free Kindle Indie Book - for maximum sales...

Sure Amazon is trying to get everyone over the barrel. And people grouse about KDP Select controlling your ebook for 90 days - but there are ways to use their system to jumpstart your book income. But, as with all good things, there's some homework to do first...
  1. Gotta love this guy's effort to promote his how-to book. Stutters, bedsheet and all... 
  2. Kindle Free Ebooks - How to Get Your Ebook Downloaded Thousands of Times
  3. Key to using KDP select (and foregoing anyone else being able to sell your ebook for 90 days) is how to get the most bang for your author-time-buck. These first few sites are some line-ups about how to proceed:
  4. The next few sites are where you can submit your books, especially during their "free" period on KDP Select:
  5. Kindleboards is a first stop for promotions...
  6. Some reviews of KDP from across the Twitter-verse: 
  7. AltonBock
    @TerryTyler4 Neither have sold well. Given away tons of free with KDP Select. But few reviews. I wonder if editing is poor + that's why. :(
  8. bookmktg
    The book Mind Games and Malice takes advantage of KDP Select to publicize products
  9. giggilles
    @LolasReviews I was silly and did KDP select. I won't again. Amazon should let you do a refund if you're w/in the first 7 days.
  10. luckybatbooks
    Using KDP Select? Works best when loss leader leads to more books.
  11. edenbaylee
    4 Top Tips To Help You Understand KDP via @BadRedheadMedia
  12. And some news from Facebook...
  13. Beishir Books
    Collin and I are going to ring in the holidays and the new year with some big changes. On Christmas Day, we'll be doing our last free ebook promo at Amazon before exiting KDP Select to branch out. Early in 2013, our books will also be available for Nook and other ereaders. I'm launching a new series of sorts featuring Jaime (The Unicorn's Daughter) and Darcy (Chasing the Wind) in romantic adventures. An Army of Angels will finally be published with a brand-new, very striking cover courtesy of Collin's brilliant graphics, and he'll be publishing ELE (finally!). I also have two romantic comedies in the works. We might even finally get our new websites up!
  14. Sean Thomas Fisher
    The rest of my books have been paroled by the state of KDP Select and are now available on Nook and Kobo. First thing they wanted when they got out?? McDonald's.
  15. Finally, a pitch for anyone wanting to learn at the feet of classic fiction storytellers... (Yes, that's an epub. Paperback available in 2 sizes as well.)

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