Friday, May 22, 2015

Your Ebook self-pubilshing future just happened.

This is the future of ebook self-publishing - here and now.

Why wait for the big corporations to get their ebook readers which will support epub 3 so you can have video and audio along with your book?

What GalleyCat said:

“H8 Society – How an Atomic Fart Saved the World”” by 2Dans has seen more than 700,000 downloads since the digital novel was first available through an H8 Society BitTorrent Bundle on May 7th.

The interactive digital novel is a dark comedy featuring 26 indie songs created by 4,000 global artists and graphics from Bill Sienkiewicz, H8 Society Art Director & illustrator, known globally for his work with DC & Marvel Comics.

Music id core to the story and each song helps progress the story and develop specific characters and events. The authors modified the 374-page novel by embedding audio files and social sharing tools to help give readers the chance to share content. Follow this link to download the book.

Here's the description: 

About this Bundle

A dark nonstop comedy. A new kind of Book with 26 indie Songs and Graphics by Bill Sienkiewicz.

Join two rival gangs who slam into a secret global society hellbent on taking over the world. Witness the power of love to triumph over hate. Answer the question: can music save your moral soul?

"H8 Society - How an Atomic Fart Saved the World" is a dark nonstop comedy that explores the struggle of love vs. hate, on a global scale, through the lens of two rival gangs that are caught in an apocalyptic American dream.

If music has ever kept a lid on your “inner screams”, then get ready for a wild ride that is filled with unexpected twists and turns - and a nuclear conclusion that proves that love truly is the answer.

What you get for free: 

H8 Society - SHORT PROMO.mp4

H8 SOCIETY - BOOK v1.0 for Mac IOS.epub
H8 SOCIETY - BOOK v1.0 for PC Android.epub

H8 Society - Installation Guide for Mac iOS.pdf

H8 Society - Installation Guide for PC.pdf

H8 Society - Installation Guide for Android.pdf

 And for an email: 

H8 Society - LONG FORM PROMO.mp4
H8 Society - Bill's

H8 Society - 26 Artist

Imagine your book going out to 700,000 readers!

Get your geek on - and find out how BitTorrent is another major book discovery outlet for your media-content.

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